Acquiring the Ornate Carian Knight Set in Elden Ring

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One of the most striking armor sets in Elden Ring is the Carian Knight set. This decorative attire was worn by the enchanted knights who served the Carian royal family long ago. While visually striking, the Carian Knight set also provides useful magic protection.

Finding this Elden Ring armor does require some exploration into the dangerous Raya Lucaria Academy. But the journey is well worth it for Tarnished seeking an eye-catching medium armor set. This guide will walk you through locating every piece of the Carian Knight set in Elden Ring.

Carian Knight Set Overview
The Carian Knight set consists of four pieces:

Carian Knight Helm
Carian Knight Armor
Carian Knight Gauntlets
Carian Knight Greaves
When worn together, this set provides the following stats and resistances:
Medium weight class
Higher focus and vitality
Stronger magic and holy damage negation
Weaker physical and robustness stats
In terms of appearance, the set features a sleek helmet, flowing blue cape, intricate gold decorations, and mirrored pauldrons. This gives it an extravagant look fitting Carian royalty.

Where to Find the Carian Knight Set

The full Carian Knight set is located inside Raya Lucaria Academy in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. More specifically, it can be found along a cliffside path in a graveyard below the giant waterwheel. To reach this area, follow these steps: Enter Raya Lucaria Academy using the front gate, Travel to the Church of Cuckoo site of grace, Exit the church into the rocky grotto, Cross the wooden bridge towards the massive spinning watermill, Carefully drop down to the narrow cliffside trail, Follow the path to reach the graveyard with zombies.

In this small graveyard, you'll see multiple zombies gathered around a large tombstone. Defeat them, then loot the glowing item at the base of the tomb to obtain the full Carian Knight armor set.

Alternate Route
There is another way to reach the Carian Knight set, accessible from Raya Lucaria's Debate Parlor grace:

Exit the Debate Parlor onto the balcony
Turn right and go to the end of the balcony
Climb the ladder up to the rooftops
Follow this path around to the tomb and drop down
This route navigates some tough enemies, but can be a viable shortcut if you've already activated the Debate Parlor grace.

Carian Knight Set Stats & Resistances
Upgrading the Carian Knight set requires regular Smithing Stones. At max level, here are the stats provided by each piece:
Helm - 5.2 physical defense, 38.7 magic defense
Armor - 10.6 physical defense, 38.7 magic defense
Gauntlets - 4.6 physical defense, 38.7 magic defense
Greaves - 6.7 physical defense, 38.7 magic defense
In addition to magic protection, the set also provides vitality, focus, immunity, and holy resistance bonuses. However, its physical defense and poise are lower than some medium armor sets.

How to Upgrade the Carian Knight Set
Upgrading any armor in Elden Ring requires visiting the smithing expert Smithing Master Hewg at the Roundtable Hold. Provide him with the right smithing stones to strengthen your gear.

With the ornate Carian Knight armor upgraded, you'll be well protected from magical attacks in the late game. The set can also be altered to remove the flowing blue cape if desired.

Is the Carian Knight Set Worth It?
The Carian Knight set is one of Elden Ring's most eye-catching armor sets, making it appealing for fashion purposes. It also provides excellent magic and holy damage negation to shield you against dangerous sorceries and incantations.

However, its physical defense lags behind more robust medium armors. Players wanting pure protection may favor sets like the Banished Knight or Tree Sentinel armor over Carian Knight.

Ultimately, the Carian Knight set is best utilized by battle mages and hybrid builds wanting that extra magical protection without sacrificing style. And in Elden Ring, looking cool while surviving deadly blows is half the battle.

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